Feel Good Moment-Otter and Dog Friendship

Look every day for any excuse to have a feel good moment.  A friend just sent this video to me and it was just the break I needed.  I just love finding these unusual friendships.  I hope you enjoy it.

Wealth and Abundance-Money Does Buy Happiness

Because wealth and abundance can be used to create a lot of happiness as this research shows…

Wealth and AbundanceThe idea of having wealth and abundance excites a lot of emotions and buried feelings for many people.  A lot of us have been ingrained with beliefs that money is evil.  The very thought of it brings on a flood of images and emotions that are the summation of things we have learned or heard from others or have been taught to believe.  People with money are some of the most miserable people in the world and their lives become train wrecks but it sure doesn’t have to be that way.

I don’t like to tell others what to think or do but as a coach who has seen a lot of emotional baggage around the idea of having money, I sure wish all the good-hearted people in the world would get over it.  There are enough studies that show the power of beliefs, the influence they have and that what we think and believe about life has a way of becoming reality.  It shouldn’t be that greedy or selfish people are the ones with money and power.

Too many people with a good conscience have subconsciously handcuffed themselves to a world that feels distant from a life of wealth and abundance. That’s because their subconscious mind has associated money with greed.

Maybe this video can help you see yourself in a different light.


The power of the mind is incredible and there is no reason not to create a reality in your mind that includes money.

You can create a mental reality that includes financial freedom and do a lot for other people.  The images you hold in mind find the way into the physical world  when you focus enough of your energy and emotions on them with the intention of bringing them to life.

Living in a state of wealth and abundance can buy a lot of happiness if it is handled correctly.

So as always, it goes back to what I refer to as TFS, my  triangle formula for success.  I use it to take charge of what I create with my energy and attention.

When anything in life is important to you, you have thoughts and conversations internally about it.  Images come to mind and emotions are felt So if you want something different to show up, you have to make the decision to Think, Feel, and See something different about it.  You can take charge of any of those placeholders that influence what shows up in real life.  Just switch them out with some TFS’s that are a better fit with living a life of wealth and abundance.

You can get some coaching help with that simple process I use for manifesting by clicking here.  

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Use Your Mind Power But Consider These Vital 3 Things

Your Mind PowerYou can use your mind power to create success but you will be much more effective when you understand that 3 areas are always interacting.

If you think that all of your mind power comes from what goes on in your head and not from what goes on with your heart, you will be fighting an uphill battle.  Your thoughts create feelings and it is your feelings that fuel everything!

Think in terms of a formula with 3 placeholders for your thoughts, feelings and sight. The formula provides a framework to work from. It allows you to see that the sum total of what is actually taking place is quite different than what you might be wishing would happen.  To create success with any goal, it takes a lot more than wishful thinking.

If you look back on anything that you really wanted to accomplish at the time, think about what was going on with your thought process. Your thoughts triggered feelings about the ideas you had in mind. And the brain’s language is pictures so you were doing creative visualization whether you were aware of it or not. You were seeing images related to the thoughts you were having about what you wanted to accomplish. You could have been consciously aware of what was going on in your mind or it could have been going on subconsciously. But thought power was being generated either way!

Your mind power is always pumping your thoughts and energy out into the world!

That process goes on all day long so if you want to change the direction your life is going, you have to focus your mind power in a different way. You have to be proactive with your thoughts and be on the same page with what you think, feel and see about something that isn’t yet your actual reality. Do you know what it will look and feel like once you have accomplished your goal?

Your mind power must be steadily focused on a clearly defined intention. That means that first of all, you have to be clear about what you want. If not, how can you expect to unlock the power of your mind to achieve it? If your thoughts are all over the place instead of focused with discipline, what shows up in your life will be all over the place too. Things won’t look at all like what you are hoping for but not creating in your mind.

Thinking in terms of a formula, T+F+S, reminds you to pay attention to what you are thinking about that is related to your goal or intention, what you are feeling about it and what you are seeing related to it in your Mind’s Eye. The next step is to get all of those areas under your control if you want to get your desired results.

The problem with being able to control your thoughts, feelings and the images you see may be that you have negative past experiences that get triggered by thoughts of your goal. Certain situations can activate a stress response in the body even when there is no physical danger.

The power of your mind is force to be reckoned with when you have strong emotions that are attached to your memories. Your mind power can work for you or against you.

If you have strong subconscious beliefs that oppose what you are trying to accomplish, you can learn to pay attention to and work with the feelings in your body. Doing that gives you a tremendous tool for finding blocks to your success.

In most cases, your mind power will actually work against you when you are try to force yourself to see and believe images on a vision board when you don’t really believe they are going to be coming into your life.

Your Mind Power is always at work so put it to work for you!

The Power of Your Mind-There Is Always an Answer

Even a tractor driving along the road while missing a wheel shows the power of your mind for solving problems in everyday life.

The Power Of Your MindThis might give you an idea about how you can get creative when using the power of your mind.  This tip comes with a chuckle and thought that struck me when I saw a picture in an email from a friend.

How many people do you think would have looked at their tractor and thought of only one thing-it was undrivable?

Well it looks like this guy got creative and let an idea pop in.  If it wasn’t his idea, then somebody else had it.  But the point is, most people only see what they have been conditioned to see when there are a multitude of other possibilities.

I have seen over and over again, that when you ask and stay open to help from the Universe, the power of your mind knows no limits. Things most people wouldn’t even believe just somehow happen.

When you use the power of your mind to convey your intention, the Universe seems to hear and respond.

I can only imagine what went on with the quantum mind power that brought this bright idea to the surface, but I will suppose it went something like this.

The person who came up with it found there was a problem.  But immediately, instead of thinking about what couldn’t be done, the power of the subconscious was very busy.  It began searching through all of the data it has access to because thought process of the person was making it clear that there was a problem that needed to be solved.

There is a part of the brain that sorts through all of the information that a person gets bombarded with so the conscious mind isn’t bogged down with things that aren’t relevant.

When you let your brain know what is important, it sorts the information differently.  Then you can use the power of your mind to match the solution to the problem.

In a flash, his creative mind may have shown him that a weight would keep the tractor upright. And he probably knew immediately who he could call on.

The power of your mind is a beautiful thing!


Creating Your Mental Workshop

I hope you will discover the magical feeling and results that come from spending time in your “mental workshop.”

Because I use it for ideas, support, guidance and creating the “energy of success” for my various projects, I’m not quite sure what I would do without mine. It continually evolves and I love to spend time there healing and creating.  The time and energy I invest there is what leads to those awesome moments of realizing the goal is actually moving from the mental world into the physical.

I want to start there with the first month’s training just to create the space for working with goals and the habit of going there.

This imaginary place will quickly become very real and very important to you, if it isn’t already. The first audio will guide you in the creation of your special place.  If you will consistently spend just a few minutes listening to the Workshop Meditation, it will be easier and easier for you to get to that creative place.

I’m quite sure the things that happen in my life that seem almost magical happen for a reason.  It is because I practice simple little things.  As long as there is interest and members help me keep it simple so I can offer this very low cost training, I will be sharing a piece of my process with you each month.  I will help you make it second nature to use the TFS formula as your framework for success for creating a life you can look back on without regret someday.

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The Parable That Changed My Thinking

White HorseI read somewhere that this parable comes from the time of Lao Tzu in China, and that he liked the parable.  It certainly made an impression on me when I first heard it.  I got the point and stopped passing judgment about things that happens, labeling them as “good” or “bad.”

It is true in my own life that many times when something seemed unbearably painful at the time, it turned out to be a great blessing.  Now, the only thing I consider when I’m faced with things is “What is the next step from here?”

This is the parable…

There was an old man in a village, very poor, but even kings were jealous of him because he had a beautiful white horse. Kings offered fabulous prices for the horse, but the man would say, “This horse is not a horse to me, he is a person, and how can you sell a person, a friend?” The man was poor, but he never sold the horse.

One morning, he found that the horse was not in the stable. The whole village gathered and they said, “You foolish old man! We knew that some day the horse would be stolen. It would have been better to sell it. What a misfortune!” The old man said: “Don’t go so far as to say that. Simply say what IS – that the horse is not in the stable is the fact; everything else is a judgment. Whether it is a misfortune or a blessing I don’t know, because this is just a fragment.”

People laughed at the old man. They had always known that he was a little crazy.But after 15 days, suddenly one night the horse returned. He had not been stolen, He had escaped into the wild, and not only that, he brought back a dozen wild horses with him.

Again the people gathered and they said, “Old man, you were right. This was not a misfortune, it has indeed proved to be a blessing.” The old man said: “Again you are going too far.” Just say what IS – that the horse is back. Who knows whether it is a blessing or not? It is only a fragment. You read a single word in a sentence – how can you judge the whole book?”

This time the people could not say much, but inside they knew that he was wrong. The old man had an only son who started to train the wild horses, when just a week later he fell from a horse and his legs were broken. The people gathered and again they judged, saying, “Again you proved right. It was a misfortune. Your only son has lost the use of his legs, and in your old age he was your only support. Now you are poorer than ever.

“The old man said, “You are obsessed with judgment. Don’t go that far. Say only what IS – that my son has broken his legs. Nobody knows whether this is a misfortune or a blessing. Life comes in fragments and more is never given to you.”

It happened that after a few weeks the country went to war, and all the young men of the town were forcibly taken for the military. Only the old man’s son was left, because he was crippled. The whole town was crying and weeping, because it was a losing fight and they knew most of the young people would never come back.

They came to the old man and said, “You were right, old man- this has proved a blessing. Maybe your son is crippled, but he is still with you. Our sons are gone forever. “The old man said again, “You go on and on judging. Nobody knows!

Only say this, that your sons have been forced to enter the army and my son has not been forced. But only God, the total, knows whether it is a blessing or a misfortune. Judge not – otherwise you will not become one with the total.”- –

Ashley Judd-What I Call the “Slam Your Fist Down” Moment

Ashley Judd Showed the Perfect Example of the Moment I Call “Slam Your Fist Down” in My Formula For Manifesting Goals

It may have been a TV show but the look that was in Ashley Judd’s eyes made her determination tangible and that is what must be there for any type of success.

Ashley JuddAshley Judd, star of the new TV show “Missing” started last night. I checked it out because I have always been drawn to her for some reason, maybe because we share similar painful yet very different childhoods and I think  Ashley Judd is a great actor. But right away, my thoughts went to what a great example it is for what I call in my coaching programs, that “slam your fist down” moment.

She is a mother who won’t be stopped.  Every parent knows that drive that comes from within to protect your child.  It isn’t something you can force.  It is just there.

In my Triangle For Success program and workshops, I stress the importance of assessing where you are and then being realistic about your next step.  Too many people try to go from where they are to a place that is so distant in their beliefs that they fall on their face.  Then it becomes one more thing that confirms in their mind that life will never change.

And it strengthens the subconscious programs that run on autopilot.  You can’t fight it because that is the way you were designed.  But you can do something about it.

Ashley Judd shows her strength in life and in movies and TV…

It’s always been a bit of a mystery to me how some people triumph against all odds and come out strong with a will to succeed when the majority are help back by their pain.  Ashley hasn’t had an easy life from what I’ve gathered from her interviews and book.  Yet she has forged ahead with life.

As a coach, I don’t pass judgment on anyone and this isn’t about the past.  My focus in on using mind power to create the future.  I look for examples that show determination and the will to succeed so I can reflect on those positive attributes in times when thoughts needs an adjustment.

I teach my clients the importance of finding the next step, wherever you are and whatever it is and letting go of the big goals that activate more fear that they won’t attain them than anything else.  Sometimes the next step is just looking for something that will inspire you to go on to the next step after that.  And that is the steppingstone journey I teach for attaining a content and fulfilling life.

I may coach others but I still have to deal with the ups and downs of life.  So I look for things and file them away for later when I need something to help prop me up during the rough cycles that come and go.  For me, seeing the look of determination in Ashley Judd’s eyes is something I will remember and reflect back on when I need some help with that “you can do it” attitude.

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Matrix Energetics

Led to Matrix Energetics for Insight

Apparently, I was ready to hear a new piece that my guides felt was in Matrix Energetics

Matrix Energetics ExperienceI was led to my The Matrix Energetics Experience program for insight-very cool. Last night I went into my mental workshop (the place I’ve created in my mind) to get my head on straight and see what thoughts would come to me. I was feeling a little overwhelmed and needed to focus on my vision of some things I’m working on. I connected with my team of “helpers,” my spiritual team, and asked what I needed to know, see or do. I felt like I needed to listen to an audio to help keep something off of my mind that I didn’t want there and get some things into my thinking that I did want to be there.

I’ve learned to follow that guidance so when I finished I went to a stack of audio programs I have and muscle tested to see which one and then which CD within it. It was The Matrix Energetics Experience with Richard Bartlett. Perfect.

I’ve been meditating a lot lately for more insight about why things work so magically at times and what things I can add to get them moving faster when they don’t seem to be cooperating. I’ve observed for quite a long while that there are two things that are imperative.  They are clarity and faith/expectation.

You have to know exactly what you want, not necessarily meaning size and color but to have moved beyond the point of indecision it. You must have made the clear decision that you want it and that it will come into your world. And the other thing is that feeling of faith that it is happening. You expect it to happen. Your belief is so strong that you release the desire and simply know things are happening.

I’d been thinking about how that seems to happen in either one of two ways. Sometimes I just feel the power and have that “slam your fist down” determination that it will happen. I think it, feel it, see it as explained in my Triangle For Success program. And it happens.

And other times it has to be nurtured. I have to plant thoughts that teach my brain this new program for my life. The way I work strongly disagrees with those who tell you to force-feed affirmations about things you don’t believe. Instead, I work to stay in a state of coherence as much as possible and feed my brain the information I want it to have. I carefully choose pieces that won’t set off a fight or flight reaction.

Matrix Energetics held a clue I was ready for…

Well, I had just conducted a live online teleseminar workshop earlier in the day and stressed the importance of letting your eye be drawn to the best next step for you in your life. It means you may be ready to “get” something you might have skipped over earlier when you weren’t ready for it. It usually means there will be at least one thing that strikes a chord with you. One by one, those things make a huge difference.

That’s exactly what happened as I dozed off hearing Richard say “What would it be like if this was different?” Something clicked for me and I woke up with a great realization and new visualization that I will focus on today.

I love it when things work that way!


Subject: The Matrix Energetics Experience

Vibration Healing-Test to See If It Is Needed

Vibration Healing Means You Dissipate the Cause of the Problem at the Source, Not Just What Your Eyes See…

but how do you know if vibration healing is even necessary?

Vibration HealingWe’ve learned what should be earthshaking news through new scientific discoveries that show the necessity of vibration healing for health and wholeness.  And there is also something referred to as “muscle testing” that can be used to help you discover what’s going on subconsciously.

We have to stop thinking in terms of solid objects that are separate from other things because that is absolutely not true.  Now that new technology allows scientists to see that the smallest unit of measurement isn’t the atom as we were taught, it’s time to think in terms of energy.

The real foundation of everything goes beyond what we see with our physical eyes.  It is a relatively newly discovered realm that doesn’t conform to physics as we know it.  It is in that quantum field that our energetic body shares a connection with every other thing in the universe.

That seems weird and maybe even spooky at first, but with time and more information to understand better, for some personalities anyway, it gets very exciting.  It allows us to do so much more and be so much more than we could even imagine.  It opens a world of possibilities.

With the training I have as a coach, one of the most valuable things I can do is “non-local testing.”  It allows me to pose statements and determine if the answer is yes or no.  My clients will tell you that it is very accurate.  I am able to help them find things that are going on subconsciously that drives their behavior and keeps dreams out of reach.

But it’s possible to learn how to do at least some of your own detective work if you want to.  Not everyone has the drive to do that and that is certainly ok.  But if you have the patience and desire, there are many different ways to work on your own to discover more about what is really going on under the surface. As successful people know, it is more effective to work with a coach with skills in areas you don’t have so I do need to mention that.  I don’t want to set up false expectations so you get frustrated.  Just start playing around with different things and let them evolve as they will.

I found a video that shows one technique for “muscle testing.”  Your body is an electrical system and when you make a statement that isn’t the truth, it has a very quick and short-lived breakdown in the electrical flow.  You can learn to know when your body gives you a yes or a no.

I am the first one to say that it isn’t infallible, so I do warn against asking “crystal ball” type questions and blindly following the answer you think you got.  You have to develop a certain level of skill with any technique to get the best out of it and this one is no different.

The smart use of muscle testing-finding negative feelings and creating an intention for a vibration healing-not for “What numbers should I pick to win the lottery?”

I have my own style of coaching and use mind power training as a part of my Triangle for Success Formula so I may not agree totally with some of the things in this video, but it does show one of the techniques that can be used.


Subject: Vibration Healing

Mind Power Training Tip With a Foam Cup?

 Mind Power Training Tip Popped Up In a Strange Way

Mind Power TrainingOK…maybe I’m stooping low for this mind power training tip.  But when I saw this video about bargain shopping, it struck me because it brought up what used to be some painful memories of times my dad would be upset about things.  And then 3 different ideas popped in that I can use to make points about our mental power.

I logged many hours listening to my dad expressing himself on various subjects when I was growing up.  One of his “pet peeves” was the way a person would see an ad and then waste time traveling across town and then waste money for gas to save less than the cost of driving to get it.

3 Mind Power Training Tips

Point 1: Seeing this video triggered memories form my childhood.  I didn’t even realize at first that I was thinking about my dad.

What I found myself thinking about consciously, was how our minds get so programmed to do things without giving them real thought.  We become robotic at times and go through life taking actions that seem to make sense.  But when you stop and think, they really don’t.  Just like this video shows, the price of something alone means very little.  Now that’s ok if you have the objective of finding something that costs $1 becasue you forgot your wallet and had to find change in your car.

But most of the time, the person sees the price, their mind goes to the price they would hav to pay someplace else and they think-bargain!

Point 2:  The best way I know for a person to change their life is by using their mind in a different way.  You want to give thought to things and decide what you are going to allow in your mind, not just accept everything as the way it is.

Point 3: It helps your brain tremendously when you do challenging things with it.  Dividing and multiplying and figuring out the real price of one cup is a healthy thing to do.  BUT I must add, please buy LESS foam cups, not MORE in bulk as the video suggests you might want to do.  That’s good for everybody too!

Mind Power Training Tip Source of Inspiration:

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