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Mind Power Training Puts You in the Driver’s Seat


Mind power training is invaluable but learning how to use the power of the mind is given very little attention by most people.  Most of us were never encouraged to let our minds play with the infinite possibilities available for every situation at every moment.  Instead, we had limiting beliefs handed down to us about the way life works.  Most of us learned by example to react to negative things and accept what showed up in life as if it was the only possibility. 

We weren’t encouraged to create a mental vision for the changes we’d like to see and we weren’t led to believe thoughts and beliefs mattered.  Mind power training was something that seemed like a waste of time because it was long before new science showed that it’s not.

My daydreaming as a child was certainly discouraged but I did a lot of it anyway.  And I guess it served me well because years later, after a serious care accident and “near death experience,” I escaped to my mind once again.  I spent a lot of time there visualizing my life and where I wanted to go with it.  And more and more amazing things kept happening that seemed very much related to what I was seeing in my mind.

The first time I remember visualizing was as a very small child and certainly not with any forethought. Life inside of my home wasn’t very peaceful and I would sit out of view on the ground, behind the bushes that lined the front porch. It was my little haven.

I loved to watch those old Saturday morning black and white shows about horses or life in the west like “My Friend Flicka,” “Fury” or my hero “The Lone Ranger.”  Then I’d head to my hideout and dream in living color of galloping across the prairie on my own gallant steed.2horsebackriders Mind Power Training

My mind was the place I would escape to and without realizing it, that is how my mind power training began.  It did truly become a place to me and I spent a lot of time there making things seem real. I think that is why I have so much success with my process these days. It feels very familiar and comfortable when I am there.  That feeling is important so you can slow your brain waves down and it almost feels like an altered state of consciousness.  You want to get so involved in your thoughts that it is difficult to determine what is “real” and what is not.

You simply have to make it seem real in your mind to the point that you begin to believe it is real-that it is in the process of happening.  Seemingly magical things happen that connect you to one of infinite possibilities for making it real.  But don’t make your goals dependent on something happening that you have no control over that requires that things happen a certain way.  Seeing yourself in a loving relationship has endless possibilities.  Seeing a specific person falling in love with you is setting yourself up for disappointment.

The process is simple but your life is what is probably complicated if you are like most people.  Without some mind power training or support, you probably have plenty going on that scatters your thoughts and energy and acts as a block to your success.   If not and you are clear about where you going and what you will find when you get there, then change comes when you focus your mind and energy on your feelings of success with the vision you have in mind.  

You just have to spend time playing with the new reality in your mind, really feeling the experience.  You do that instead of thinking about what appears as real to you now.  You make your vision real.

Mind power training isn’t hard!

The hard part is having the discipline to do this very simple and easy thing consistently until you actually make it believable to your mind.  When you really believe it, you get excited about it so that strong emotions are experienced while thinking about it.

A casual or occasional thought about accomplishing your goal mixed in with all of your other thoughts that oppose it won’t do the trick! 

My own mind power training came naturally because I needed an escape and used my mind to numb the pain I felt about real life.  Manifesting with my mind wasn’t ever something I sat down and worked at intentionally as a child.

I went to a mental place as an escape and created things that were much different than the world I saw all around me. And in doing that, my skills strengthened, just as they do with anything that is used consistently.

I didn’t just have a casual thought about something I wanted. I created it and made it real in my mind, determined that it would become real in my life. I became very emotionally engaged with what I was seeing internally.  And when I did it with a feeling of belief instead of fear, I actually saw some of the things materializing that I had created in my mind.  That is what mind power training is all about-seeing things in your mind that are different than what you see with your eyes.

It was many years later before I started digging into the reasons behind what I knew in my heart to be true. We are co-creators and what we think about and believe to be true and accept as real makes a tremendous difference in what shows up and becomes so called real.

I started learning about quantum mechanics and new scientific discoveries and studies strengthened my belief and faith, an absolute necessity for manifesting. The more success I had, the more my faith grew, which caused me to live the process I follow even more, which caused more results.

Mind power training helps form the habit of seeing things in the mind and it becomes almost effortless with practice.  It becomes a way of life to decide where your life is going by seeing it in your mind’s eye.  Things actually do start happening that have a very synchronistic feel to them.  Then it is a matter of noticing and following the steppingstones that show up to take you to the vision you have created. It is a fascinating way to live that is empowering. There is nothing like it when you experience the “knowing” that your focus on a mental vision made a difference and caused something to happen in the physical world.

We all have abilities that we are not being taught that we have. So my mind power training site is intended to share information and methods to help you develop and use the power of your mind to improve your life.

If you haven’t read my “7 True Stories,” you can fill out the form on the right and get started with “The Strawberry Story” right now. These stories are just a sampling of why it is important to take mind power training seriously because your mind power and your energy is very influential!

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